Friday, 6 May 2011

Frog fountain

I admit it. I do have these weird whimsical notions at times. Today is an example. I saw advertised a solar fountain. I have had water features at other gardens in other places but the difficulty here has always been running an electric line under ground to power them. Solar energy!
Easy I thought, pop it down and let the sun do the rest.
It arrived yesterday complete with frog. My husband muttered something about it being one more hazard to mowing the grass so I've put it on crazy paving. It's all linked up despite the instructions being in esoteric English. naturally there's no sun today so it's not flowing. Crispin thinks I've put him a new dog bowl by the door. Most convenient.
The resident engineer says it should work. I am not over hopeful but if and when the sun ever shines again we may have the tiny tinkle of water splashing from the frogs mouth. Oh dear!

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