Sunday, 1 May 2011

Strange happenings!

Shakespeare would have earthly disturbances such as  quakes or typhoons as arbiters of major  events in life. I am not sure that when a King dies, the stars all started going backwards then  but so far today has been made up of small indications of strangeness.
For a start my husband got up and came to the eight o'clock communion with me. Usually he sits up in bed and waves at me as I go. This morning I had a chauffeur!  Getting to St Just I then found my daughter in law in attendance with her mother.  This has also never happened before.
In  up the vestry the churchwarden came with another odd request. They had used up all the wafers last week after massive numbers had turned up and so we only had enough for about half the normal crowd. Could I make them go a long way please?.  I broke the priest's wafer up so small that the pieces were floating off the patten as I moved.
Afterwards I told her that a loaf of bread would be OK in emergencies so she should be alright for the next one.
Nothing too peculiar happened until the end of the next service at St Mawes. We had visitors and the service was almost over when as I was clearing the altar after communion there was an explosion quite near me.  The bulb in the aumbrey had burst with fairly dramatic sound.
Now, lunch over I have been out for a walk and the wind has got up. We needed the rain....its been very dry for a long time but this is torrential accompanied by great gusts. Whole horse chestnut flowers strew the ground.  Delicate new plants are bending, and stalks are snapping.
Our God reigns has taken on a whole new meaning today!  I hope nothing significant is happening on the world stage.
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