Monday, 9 May 2011

Why go to the hairdresser?

What is it with hairdressers?  I used to have a hairdresser when I lived in Essex....I had to change her after a had a massive reaction to something she was using one day when I was in the shop . Some chemical  that was changing the colour of the hair of the person sitting innocently at the sink.
Since coming to Cornwall I have tried. Every village has its own hair dresser which the long term residents swear by  but I have yet to find one that I want to keep.
I think the rot set in during my training for ordination when I quite frankly did not have time to sit for an hour or so regularly. I let it grow. Faced with an ordination retreat the problem had become serious. I really did have to get my hair cut. So I did it myself. Very carefully a small bit at a time I got some shape into it.
I now almost always  do my own thing in order to look like the dotty old woman I seem to be turning into.
Today has been a hair cutting day. The process starts early. I get up, take one look in the mirror and reach for the scissors. It then continues throughout the day.  The cleaner tells me off  when she finds bits of hair in some very unlikely places. To appease her entreaties I allowed her to talk me into ringing the village hairdresser. Next time my cleaner came I looked just like she did  and every other woman in the village. She only knows one haircut!  I let it all grow out and then started the self grooming  process again.
Getting around the back is the biggest problem but I manage and it doesn't look bad. I will never achieve the gloss of many attractive older ladies who have a couple of hours of pampering every week  but then would I want to?
Nature has been kind to me in one way. I am not yet grey and I do not colour it. There are grey bits around but the overall effect is still mouse. The colour I was born with. I hated it when I was young. Now I see its advantages. Its still growing thick and looks Ok most of the time. Occasionally I see a wedding video of my hair tucked into the back of my stole and wince but the odd bad moment is worth it for the ability not to look like everyone else round here. And as none of you can see me you are in no position to judge!
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