Thursday, 23 June 2011

Admitting to Allergies.

The hay fever season is upon us and I am sneezing as always. I used to think I always got summer colds...and that's the odd thing about allergies. Until you know for sure you have them, you just discount them. I should have known I had them really because the evidence did suggest it. My grandmother always had an asthma spray by her bedside. My father had appalling eczema. My  daughter had her first asthma attack at 9 months old after a play in a wild flower meadow. I really should have known.
I continued to deny it until confronted by the evidence.
I used to have my eye lashes dyed every summer....very vain of me but I've never liked using mascara..  I always end up with Panda eyes.
For two years running the hair dresser who did it for me complained about my runny eyes.  She concluded that I had hay fever. I again denied it but the next time I saw my doctor he took one look at me and asked if I was taking anything for it?
That was it. I gave in with fairly ill grace and started taking the tablets.
They now make tablets that don't make you drowsy but I am glad I never took them when I was sitting for school exams, except that  it would have given me an excuse if I'd done badly!
Allergy is our bodies reaction to substances that they don't agree with it. Chemicals, all sorts of things can set them off but pollen isn't a foreign substance. So why do so many of us have them?
In Lancashire I had sudden violent asthmatic attacks. I haven't lived there since 1978 so my attacks now are few and far between thank goodness. But I do  keep taking all the various potions that keep my air waves free.  Its not a problem...
It does seem though that more and more children have problems with allergies and it does add to the growing suspicion that we are slowly polluting our own planet. Perhaps we are the earth's irritant that is producing climate change and one day we may find ourselves sneezed off it!
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