Sunday, 12 June 2011

Garlic confession.

I have told a lie today. I am not proud of this lie but it was I think in a good cause At home David says stoutly that he does not like garlic. He eats lots of garlic without knowing it. Especially abroad. Almost everything thing we eat here has added garlic and he eats well, very often with such enjoyment that I have sometimes suspected that he knows perfectly well
This morning we took communion in the cathedral. It was lovely and we were both hungry after wards.
Sitting at a table in the sunshine near the cathedral we ordered drinks and then looked at the menu.
He decided a mushroom omelette would be safe and I ordered bacon and eggs. Another round of drinks were accompanied by some bread, warm and very buttery.
David looked at it with suspicion.
" It won't be garlic " I said happily. " They wouldnt do that I am sure"
Well it was delicious and it was also garlic bread.
Oh dear. There in the shade of the cathedral I had lied to my husband.
I looked to the sky and said almost out loud
"Forgive me Lord for I have sinned ".
Confession is they say good for the soul. But my minds still a little uneasy so maybe the person I should being confessing to is my husband.
I'm not yet brave enough for that.

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