Thursday, 16 June 2011

Home thoughts from abroad

It's not going to be as poetic as the poem. Sorry, but as we get closer to the end of the week my thoughts are inevitably turning to going home. Cornwall was always the dream. Going home to it is a delight in recompense for the number of times we left it to go back to other places. My first husband was a banker. Roughly every three years we moved. Mobility was important for being promoted in those days so wherever we had washed up, Cornwall was always the common denominator. The same was also true for my second husband. He and his wife realized the dream of going to live there over 20 years ago.
We love it dearly so going home is no hardship but inevitably we wonder what will be waiting for us on our return. Will our plants have survived the heat? Will our dog be glad to see us? How many messages will be on our answer machine. How much post. Etc etc.
Problems there always are a plenty but once were home we can deal with them. Having had two weeks in the sun leaves us able to deal with anything!
I have got my diary with me. But have made no entries. Occasionally I glance at what lies ahead and remember something I should have done or said. And then I look at the massive bougainvillea overhead, the great red lilies nearby and the blue of the sea. It can all wait till I get home.

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