Saturday, 18 June 2011

How to learn to swim.

We are sitting by a pool. There are several here but we enjoy the sea water pool even though its not heated. I have swum in it most days and we have watched two small children play in it every day. Their buoyancy aids were new to us. Long highly colored tubes of what looks like polystyrene. They were bent and the children perched on them and learned to propel themselves around.
Their skill increased day by day until this morning the mother took them out to the centre of the pool one by one. The tubes were left on the side. She floated and the children were on top of her body. Gradually she let them float up wards, still supporting them with one hand. Slowly they separated. When the children realized they were no longer attached to their mum there was an instant of panic quickly followed by the realization that they were swimming. The boy is about four. The girl no more than two. Both can now swim on their own and are using the tubes to wallop each other. Clever mum!
If only all teaching could be so simple!

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