Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Midsummer surprise.

My first husband David was not known for his romantic streak but just occasionally he surprised me. He announced a cruise on the Cam during June. We had a Freeman 24 moored in Ely and it didn't take long to go up the Great Ouse to Cambridge but it seemed like an excellent idea and the weather was perfect so we loaded her up and set off. Stops at riverside pubs were a definite feature of our cruising so we took a couple of days before we arrived at Midsummer meadow. I was surprised when we moored up because I wasn't sure that overnight mooring was allowed.
He reassured me that it was and we had a happy night strolling the footpath and cheering on the rowers.
The next day was Midsummer's day which also happened to be my birthday. As he gave me my card he beamed and said" It had to be Midsummer common on Midsummers day for your birthday" I was astounded.
He had rarely exhibited such a romantic exterior.
More was to come. That night he took out a suit plus a collar and tie. Then my best dress was pulled out of his hold all! Astonished, I got ready to go out! As we left the boat looking incongruously posh I felt that I had somehow fallen into a parallel universe! We had a wonderful meal and got home to the boat extremely happy.
I have been trying to remember which birthday it was but he had died by before I reached 60 so it was probably 50.
Now it is one of my special memories. So all the slightly boring husbands out there please try very hard to just occasionally make the unexpected gesture. I treasure this memory more than he would ever have imagined.

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