Monday, 27 June 2011

Noisy christening.

This morning was a christening for the baby of a very well known and prolific local family. I've done various thing for them in the past and know they are not a family who come to church. This morning they were there in force. There about 70 of them plus their children. A packed church is always a great joy and it was important that they should enjoy the experience and feel at home.
The baby cried. I can out shout most babies but this was a close contest! The family were wonderful. Their off spring were well behaved.
The churchwarden doled out toys and books and all was peace. But the baby was highly indignant. He did not want either the oil or the water and made his position quite clear.
Usually I take the new church member round the church to introduce them to their new family. This time he was carried by his father, bottle at the ready and before we'd gone half way down the aisle he was asleep. Job done!
They all came up to the altar rail, some of them for a blessing. Afterwards they all said how much they'd enjoyed it. Their faces showed that they meant it. I apologized to the visitors for a slightly chaotic service but none of seemed to mind. Me and The baby might just have a little nap now. Zzzzz

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