Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Us Brits don't take off our clothes in public. In Blackpool it would have been very much frowned on when my mother lived there.
In Cornwall there are beaches where nudists can be found but they are rare and well off the beaten track.
We were once out fishing just outside St Mawes when a very upmarket speed boat sped past us with five bare girls at the helm. My husband nearly dropped his fishing tackle!
It's unusual though and if we are on a beach without a swimming costume on we go through extreme acrobatics to tug everything into place with revealing an inch of exciting flesh.
I got used to this and became quite proficient in undercover undressing.
It's only when you leave the UK that the sight of naked or partially naked people on beaches becomes common place.
One hot day last year I was struggling into my costume which was slightly damp and refused to be pulled into the places I wanted covered. I looked around. No one else was wearing one. So much to my beloved 's
embarrassment I simply stripped off. I did then put my costume on. There are limits. But that small moment of nakedness was very liberating. Now I've done it once I can do it again, secure in the knowledge that there are so many better bodies to see all around me no ones looking at me anyway! Viva la liberation!

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