Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Out of touch

I am on holiday and naturally have got a little out of touch with the church calendar so I was startled this morning to find a reference to Trinity Sunday. I know when I really think about it that Trinity comes after Pentecost but it was still a bit of a shock. As an ex Unitarian it's always a difficult one to preach about but I will be relieved of the problem this year. We don't come home till Monday!
A more important date that has suddenly taken me by surprise is my son's birthday. Today!
I had intended to leave, at the very least a card for him but the last weekend before setting off was manic.
I have sent him an e mail but it's not actually the same is it? I could make a recording of my singing happy birthday but somehow I'm not sure he would appreciate it.
If he reads this blog which he does sometimes he will know I'm thinking about him.
So will the Trinity....... Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I always go with the Spirit.
I just pray She is always with me!

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