Monday, 27 June 2011

Packing for Henley.

Packing for Henley shouldn't be a problem but it is and I always take far more than I will wear. My husband tackles the main problem manfully. Into the car go tables, chairs, a crate of wine, the picnic basket complete with linen and corkscrew. It's serious business this. You have to be prepared for droppers by as well as all the regulars. David has been accumulating stuff for Henley for 50 years, keeping the same parking spot so everyone can find him.
I am new to this comparatively but I have adjusted over the years. I do now have the big hat but draw the line at high heels. We stay at a wonderful hotel where we also have guests. Different clothes for that!
This morning when I took my dog to his holiday home yet again they asked if Henley was going to suffer the same hooligans that ruined Ascot this year. I explained that the regulars would have no such problem.
"We would put them into the river. " said my intrepid spouse. And I am quite sure they he and they would!
Could be interesting!

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