Friday, 17 June 2011

Prayers for friends

Friends who you only see on holiday are often precious and occasionally become people you see more often through choice. This making of friends started in Cornwall. Around 30 years ago. We met the same people putting their boats in the water every year. One such set of people are still friends though oddly I see them less regularly now I actually live there.
The man was a dentist and I transferred to his practice even though it meant traveling miles to get there. A trip to a dentist, was for the first time a pleasure rather than a dread.
Once he'd retired he still kept his eye on my teeth, bringing a small kit with him every holiday. Having various instruments pushed into my mouth on his boat was often followed by my giving his hair a trim. What goes round comes round!
Here in Madeira a new yet familiar pattern is emerging. Some people are here for the third time and we eat with them and listen to where they are in their life saga.
This year I am conscious of a great deal of angst both from my old friends and the new ones.
The wife of my old dentist is undergoing Chemo after a drastic operation. And I pray for her every day
Two people here are both recovering from Cancer but one has been poorly during the week. I pray for her too.
The problem with having a prayer list is that if for any reason it's not possible then you worry. It's absurd to imagine that just my prayers are indispensable to anyone but if prayer works and I do believe that it does then to stop would maybe have consequences.
However I do pray with the help of God I will continue to do so.

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