Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shopping trip.

A small minor miracle took place this morning. We did all our shopping in just about half an hour. As it was seriously hot we took a taxi into Funchal rather than walk and we shared with another couple who took us to a road we'd never seen before. It contained the sort of shops we were looking for. In the past it has taken us several trips, and a certain amount of bad temper and high blood pressure but today was a one off. We can only hope we find that road again!
I have now got presents for everyone except for the Madeira wine. Since the occasion when all my wine was chucked into a large dustbin in Customs I have saved that till the last trip to the airport. we have to carry the clinking bottles onto the plane but at least we get them home in one piece.
During the half hour I tried on several swimming costumes and bought one more in keeping with a tropical island than the tough black one I brought with me.
A yin and yang bracelet for my atheist dog minder and lots of beautifully embroidered things for all and sundry. The wonderful stitching is a joy to see and although they always apologize for the price I really think they are worth every penny, having seen the old ladies sitting outside their homes as they work. They deserve a good rate of pay!
Altogether it was a very good outing. Better than anything my husband could have dreamed of. We are back in time for lunch and then the baptism of the new cossy.

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