Sunday, 5 June 2011

Simple banking please.

Here I am complaining again. Once more about banking. The bank I have known best for most of my adult life has already gone to the dogs or at the very least the state as the majority share holder but it's all the little things that have started to get me down.
I pulled out of online banking years ago when an overcomplicated signing in process went wrong so frequently that it had become a hassle. The telephone banking service was easier and much more user friendly. I was happy with that. Then I got an app for my mobile phone. That was just plain wonderful. By pushing in a five figure password I could see my balance and even a mini statement.
I have tried several times times to pay off my credit card by phone. Succeeded twice, failed once because, once again it became overcomplicated. They sent me a secret number embossed on a black background which I couldn't read in time. So the whole process started again!
I only need to use my credit card because so many on line shops don't yet take Visa debit cards. Another helpful change?
Today there was an update for the mobile phone app. After installing it I found I had to put in all sorts of things I didn't have, like my customer number. The app is ruined. What was a simple easy to use system is now not and I just want to go back to the original.
I am not a stupid woman. I am very busy and ok I am old . The bank that prides itself on helpful banking has failed yet again. I rang them to tell them this. One man put the phone down on me. Another told me an official complaint would be a lengthy process. Who needs any more angst?
I just want to go back to simple banking please .

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