Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Weird world

Weird world we live in. Here I am in Madeira. For the first time here there is wifi freely accessible. So naturally having replied to all my e mails, tweeted a little and seen the news I settled down to a game. As I was on line I did what has never been possible before. I played back gammon on line.
I have two games that I love to play. I can't do scrabble because it's on a flash set up that I can't load onto the iPad but I can play Back gammon on Fibs.
Who ever would have thought it? So there I am sitting in a beautiful garden by a glorious pool and I logged in to fibs.
Within minutes my son appeared and we had an epic game, sitting thousands of miles apart.
He gave me news of my dog and the weather forecast before I beat him very narrowly.
This would have been impossible not all that long ago. I hope I never take modern technology for granted. By any stretch of the imagination it is a minor miracle. But the fact that we can explain how it's done doesn't make it any the less of one.

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