Thursday, 9 June 2011

When in Rome

If it's Thursday which it could be, we are approaching the weekend. This starts the debate. Which church to go to whilst were here? There is a certain amount of dissent on this subject.
Here in Funchal is the English church much loved by ex pats and the visitors. I was first taken by a an old banking friend who plans to leave them money when he goes aloft.
It is lovely but for me a bit on the colonial side. The need of Brits to stick together even in worship is slightly irritating. I'm not sure why.
The island is of course Roman Catholic and they have lovely old churches as well as the Cathedral.
On my first visit as a widow, my catholic friend Joe took me to his church on Saturday evening to leave us free on Sunday. He paused briefly on the way in to ask if I had anything to confess.
I said "Unfortunately not" and in we went.
It was lovely, mostly in Portugese. I received my wafer with joy.
So I have no problems going to the Catholic churches where ever I am.
The Cathedral here is very beautiful and the music and atmosphere all give an impression of Gods grace which adds a lot to the occasion.
Unfortunately my husband feels uncomfortable going up to receive the wafer though it has been know occasionally.
He feels like an intruder into another religion, which is a shame because It is of course the same religion and certainly the same God.
I get on with all my Roman colleagues at the local level and we have done several joint services, so far me if I can preside at a nuptial mass which I have done, I can certainly take the wafer whilst on holiday.
I hope none of the Catholic readers of this blog take offense at this. I mean it most sincerely. The more we respect each other and love our services in each others company the closer to God we get.

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