Sunday, 10 July 2011

Blessing the rings

It was a good congregation today with many visitors. At the end of the service a coach load arrived and were given coffee and biscuits. So the church was full. I saw a man and woman walk in not quite sure of their reception but they spotted my robes and headed for me with determined looks on their faces. They had something to ask me.
The woman took out of her bag a new gold wedding ring. She pointed to the thin wedding ring she was wearing and said her husband of 25 years had just bought her a new one.
She wanted to wear it but would I please bless it for her.
Of course I led them to the altar and blessed both rings whilst they smiled and beamed both at me and each other. Then at my suggestion he helped her put on the new one. They went then shining with happiness. Ten minutes later the woman came back alone.
She wanted to tell me why it was so important to her. The man, only 50 was in the first stage of Altzeimers. they had wanted to do it whilst he still understood.
I wept when I got home.
It was an immense privilege to be able to help. Thank you God.

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