Monday, 25 July 2011

Family quarrels.

My brothers wife. Liz or Betty? She started off in life as Betty but became Liz at some stage. So when the phone rings on Monday morning and it's Liz it takes me several minutes before I know who I am talking to.
I lost touch with my brother for quite a long time during our lives. I was cross with him for several good reasons and when we moved I failed to give him my new address. My mother was still alive so I knew we could all get in touch eventually. Then my mother died whilst I was out of the country and he moved and there we were lost to each other for years.
I still thought about him though and my anger subsided. So the year I was going to be ordained I set out to find him.
It took me just an hour on the Internet and he cried when I rang him. He and Betty came to my ordination and we were friends again. Thank God for that as he died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago and we had made our peace properly just a day before he died.
Family relationships can be fraught with many problems but if you can't managed to sort them out you feel dreadful after death takes one of you away.
We had grown up in Lancashire. That's where I started looking for him but as it turned out he lived about an hour away in Devon.
My sister in law Betty is retired but she is now running various groups in her village and tomorrow is bringing a coach party of OAPs to Truro. Could I meet them at the Cathedral? She's told them all about me. I think that's code for, please wear your dog collar.
It will be a great pleasure.

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