Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hacked off.

The revelations of phones being hacked after terrible events such as murder or the twin tower bombings  are indications of just how low we can drop as a society I think. We have all these new toys to play with and so naturally some of us find ways of using them which are both immoral and illegal.
I have no idea of the technology which is needed in order to listen in to someone else's phone but I do know what it feels like to be on the end of it, even in a much less stressful way than the families involved in the recent  revelations.
A few months back I was involved in a disciplinary hearing after someone had made abusive phone calls both to me and and another person. During the hearing I was stunned to hear the lady involved reading out a conversation I had had with my husband after the calls.
Everyone told me at the time that it was not possible to do that but since then I have learned of at least one device that does just that...used mostly by husband or wives trying to catch out their  spouses!
The way the lady was able to relate what I had said to my husband  after I had switched the phone off was for me not just an invasion of my privacy it gave me the felt quite wrong, very unpleasant
How all the other people feel after losing a loved one I hate to even try to imagine.
This hacking is clearly more widespread than anyone imagined. If its against the law the perpetrators should pay the penalty.
We need to feel safe.
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