Sunday, 10 July 2011


There are quite a lot of female priests by now. So why do people assume that a reference to a lady vicar is always the same person. I've now been asked twice if my husband has died. I said, he was alright five minutes ago and they laughed. I was not the lady vicar in question.
One of my female colleagues gets complimented on her sermons. She enjoyed this for a while until the penny dropped. It was always people she hadn't seen in church so it wasn't her sermon! She then had the good grace to pass the compliments onto me.
The term lady vicar is not that unusual. The names of people are also easy to confuse especially if they are all called David. My two husbands were Davids and that for all sorts of reasons is a good thing. But nearly everyone else I know is also called David. This can be very mystifying unless I explain which David it is!
Nomenclature can be tricky when you get older but at least I got the babys name right this morning. She's called Ruby. The one last week was Rose Saffron.The poor things have it all to look forward to!

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