Monday, 11 July 2011

No Electricity

Our electricity is going to be off for most of the day today. The National Trust is replacing our overhead lines with underground ones...because we are an area of outstanding natural beauty!
It has reminded me of the time during the Heath government when long cuts were an every day event. As a single mum with two children I was struggling to give them hot food after being out teaching all day so I made a straw oven!  Every morning I would get up early, partly make a casserole and then leave it in the oven all day to cook. It worked a treat but there was an unmistakable taste of straw in everything!
I was also rehearsing for  a play at this time. Blythe Spirit with the wonderful part of Madam Arcarti. When we had no electricity in the theatre we used candles very often and during the seance scenes it was particularly spooky!  Every time I asked if anyone was there I always got a bang. No one believed it wasn't me causing the bang but I knew it wasn't.
Now we take our electricity very much for granted. This morning I charged up the phone and the pad and the lap top....just in case!  There is a casserole in the Aga and the vacuum cleaning was done at an ungodly hour.  It felt like a familiar routine...   all in a good cause I am sure!
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