Saturday, 30 July 2011

Step into my world.

Reading has always been a major pleasure for me.  Its not just the acquiring of knowledge which is important, or the insight into other people's worlds..its being able to enter into a story, of moving through a plot with the author and of  identifying with the characters...
Fiction is a wonderful way of telling the truth without revealing the actuality . So I tell a lot of stories... both when I preach and when I write.  I console myself with the thought that if Jesus worked best  with parables then its alright for me to as well.
Recently I 've discovered a new delight, the audio book. I suppose anyone brought up with Children's Hour in the 50's  would find listening intently to a novel very easy and  slip back into the delights of  childhood.
I recently listened to a book read by one friend and written by another. This was  a great treat . Two people I know well taking me on a journey into the unknown and yet familiar territory of post war Lancashire.
Making friends on Face book or Twitter with people I don't really know is now adding a new dimension to my reading  . In the last week I have downloaded  onto my iPad two very different books.
One by Maggi Dawn is about the growing of faith and is lovely to read and respond to.
Another is by the person on Twitter known as the Quiet Riot Girl.
It is compelling if very explicit sexually but its detail reveals more of the author than she may be aware of.
Finding and reading two very different books from two totally different people has been absorbing.
I have never met either of them and don't expect to but I do feel that I know them now and that is I suppose what all good books are for, to reveal yourself and to maybe encourage other people to step out of a their  comfort zones  and  to experiment with other peoples views.
There are now so many ways of reading.....the printed paper page, the spoken book, and the E book, all easily accessible and all magic in the true sense of the word....leading us into a deeper knowledge of the world we live in and the people we are or may grow into. Thanks to all who contribute.
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