Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I really didn't want to blog about abortion...too many voices, too much angst, too much bull poo has already been spoken on this subject so this  is just a personal,  subjective post about how abortion affected me.
When I was in my early forties I went to the doctor with various symptoms from which he drew the conclusion that I was pregnant. This stunned me because I had not been trying and was using a contraceptive device..but he assured me that it was still possible and he was pretty sure that I was.
He then went on to discuss my ability to carry a baby through to term after two very difficult pregnancies in my youth, one of which had resulted in a small stroke.
"With your medical history" he said," I would definitely recommend a be done as soon as possible."   He was all for booking me into a clinic immediately.
I said no and went home to talk to my husband.  Realistically a pregnancy for me would be dangerous, and would be unfair on the existing children.  But we both realised as we spoke that we would love a baby.
Back to the doctor I gave him my abortion...I simply could not go through with it,, it was not for me.
It was shortly after that that my fears resolved....I was not pregnant any more, and maybe I never had been, no test had been taken because the doctor was so certain.
However this period of time meant that I had had to think very hard indeed about abortion.
I knew that for me no matter how dangerous it was , life was sacred, there was no way I could abort a foetus with the capacity to become a child.
BUT  for other women the situation was different...rape, accident, illness....there are many many reasons why a woman might not want to either carry a baby to term or to look after it once born...
I'd grown up in a time when back street abortions were the only option for some poor girls. Those of my friends who had gone the adoption route always regretted that too because the baby at that stage was real. to them..whereas a foetus was not.
I still believe that life is sacred.
 But this bill that is being proposed would delay the decision for some women and the underlying desire for that is to talk the woman out of having one.
Yes counselling is needed...but they already have that...why put in another layer for the poor woman to go through, its a hard enough decision to make heaven only knows but in the end each woman has to make up her  own mind  and do whats right for her..
God has made us all different...with different needs and outlooks... I would never ever judge another woman on her decision to abort....and neither I think should anyone else.


  1. When you wrote on this subject before (about Autumn last year) I posted a comment anonymously.
    What I said then, is no less true now, but I could elaborate on the issue much further should this post of yours spark a debate.
    I have a little more courage now than I had then, but resent the fact that in this century open discussion (from those and among those with experience) should still be almost taboo.

  2. Ray I had completely for gotten the other post! I do thank you for both this post and the one on the other blog. As you are someone on the receiving end of castigation it's very brave of you to contribute.

  3. Jean, thanks for sharing here, such a painful and delicate subject. I used to be forthrightly, pro-life, but have grown to acknowledge that such a position puts me in judgement on others, and isn't sustainable in what I now know about the whole topic.

    I know that a family member underwent an abortion through the back street system in the 60's, which left her unable to conceive. Your post brings things into focus quite sharply.

    Praying for some clarity to a difficult ethical situation for so many.