Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Builders I have known.

Oh what joys, the builders are here!  The dog has lost his bark from over use and we are unable to go in  or out because bleach is being poured down the walls to kill off the verdigree . I quite like the green stippled effect  over the white !
When I first came to live here I had the builders in for the first six months. At the same time I had one set of men doing stone hedging in the garden and another lot cutting through the jungle that was my garden. The lost Gardens of heligan had nothing on me. They even found an old memorial in the stone wall unseen for years.   So we had a lot of blokes around the place for quite a lot of the time.
I got to know them all quite well because half way through this experience I had to go for major surgery and then convalesce. They were all wonderful. They repelled all boarders with the words. "Jean is resting"
They looked after me and I was very grateful to them all so at Christmas we had a party.
I laid on the booze and the mince pies etc and they all tucked in.
The inside builders were in competition with the outside lot and at one stage they hid each others boots. I feared I might have them all for longer than I'd intended but eventually they all left.
The next morning from the flag pole over the village hall hung two pairs of boots....I knew whose boots they were but decided that discretion was the better part etc. They were claimed the following day.
The men outside here now are related to the first lot....brothers in fact. I am not doling out beer or wine!
Its not Christmas yet!


  1. Jean, builders can be really good or a bunch of coyboys. We had a patio to be relaid and a builders merchant, recommended someone to do it for us. But, we found out to late that he had bodged it, cutting corners and short changing us on the use of materials. One moth later, paving stones start rocking. We discover that he had only used spots of cement to hold them down, rather than properly bedding them in.

    Tried to trace him, but he had done the obvious, taken the money and run. It was great to see him in court a few months later being prosecuted for fly tipping. Of course, he was given a fine, which as far as I know wasn't paid.

    When we spoke to the builders merchant about recommending a Coyboy, they said that the guy who had recommended him had been sacked due to the number of complaints that came back to them. Apparently, the member of staff was the Coy Boys's brother. A situation not disclosed when he recommended him.

    Now, its's three quotes and references and examples of completed work, before we accept any quote. We also refuse to pay for anything up front. Expensive lesson to learn.

  2. I sympathise with all of that Ernie, having lived in Essex but it is different in a small village. My husband used to be a builder and they know and respect him having worked for him years ago. All our builders really are friends...people we have a pint with in the local... so on that basis, I know they'll do a great job,,,,its just the upheaval thats the problem!