Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cooking with weak wrists.

I like cooking. I used to do a lot more of it than I do now. But I still enjoy it. It's just that the wrists are weak. I can no longer poor out the pasta or the vegetables neatly so everything I serve looks messy. Putting it all in bowls is the solution. That way people can dive in and make their own messes.
When I was young I had a mini stroke after the birth of my second child. This meant that my blood pressure was erratic for years. Self help meant that I decided to become a vegetarian. It was mostly for health reasons and it worked. I became much healthier than I had been for ages. But the children did not like it to start with. My son then aged 9 would organize his sister in protest matches round the kitchen. But I stuck to it in the days long before ready dinners were easily obtainable.
Everything had to be prepared, nuts roasted and ground. Lentils baked, eggs and cheese in moderation and occasionally some fish. my meals were varied, never boring but nothing was ever instant. They all took a long time to get on the table. That was fine because feeding my family was one of the great joys of life.
I gave up being a veggie in mid life but even now I find meat is only something I enjoy in small quantities. I much prefer fish and shell food of all kinds.
Now, down to just two of us we have our main meal at lunch time and I often start cooking fairly early. But the main problem is still not the actual cooking it's the presentation and the weak wrists. No one warns you when you are young that the wrists go before the legs!
I have all the mod cons in the farmhouse kitchen. Mixers, juicers etc but everything still needs lifting and that's when the wrists are found wanting.
So whenever my husband mentions chickens I shake my head. I could never find the strength to wring a neck leave alone eat it. The eggs would be good though.

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