Sunday, 21 August 2011


What on earth can any of us say about what is fast becoming known as Credo- gate? Yesterday was a day of drama, of revelation and tragedy. A comprehensive blog post by Peter turned the twitter world upside down.
Someone we liked turned to be a fraud.
People were hurting because their trust had been betrayed.
I believe money was involved but it's the emotional betrayal which concerns me most.
Credo had a girl friend. She was devastated. She became a bewildered child before our eyes and then her parents hopefully went to get her.
I expect the Psychologists amongst us will find a name for all that has happened but I think the man just wanted to be liked.....loved even.
He talked to us all. In all our conversations he was decent, funny and often more left wing than Tory. I suppose that should have started bells ringing.
Staying too long with people, borrowing money, never having a wallet , we have all known some of those in our life times but this man had charm, wit, intelligence.
To all those feeling used and abused this morning, please don't. We were all taken in. Some things did not sit right for many of us but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Peter took the only course open to him when the evidence started to become overwhelming. He must be drained and angry today.
I am sure Credo will be back but we may never know which of us it is. Taking people on trust is natural on the net..we can all say anything we want with impunity. Have I ever told you that I am 25 , gorgeous and loaded? There, hopefully you are laughing at those lies.
To destroy trust is I think even worse than stealing. Money can be returned. Trust and love can seldom be repaired.
I pray for all those involved... Including Credo.

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