Friday, 26 August 2011

Crime in the village.

The village is fairly buzzing this morning with the news of a Post Office raid yesterday. Well that's how its being described because people are shocked.
When I lived in Essex crime was everywhere. There were two murders in the local park whilst I was there (no connection) but here in tranquil Cornwall we don't have crime very often.
The last big crime wave was in the next village where the butchers was broken into and the charity box stolen and there were several people whose petrol had been syphoned off! I was one of them!
Here in St Mawes nothing much happened except in August.
But yesterdays incident was not typical . Two young men actually tried to get money from the Post Office...they needed ID apparently and were reluctant to give it so they hassled the girl, fortunately safely locked behind her screen. The other people in the PO were outraged. One left to get the police whilst the others remonstrated  with the young men. The chief guardian of law and order was a well known local man, six foot tall who had had a heart attack and is quite unwell but  who saw it as his duty to look after the young girl being shouted at.
The police arrived fairy quickly, the incident  was defused and no harm done.....except for the feeling of disgust left behind at what might have happened.
The girl was very frightened and shaken. The wife of the tall man was both proud of her husband and horrified that he had put himself in the firing  line. So the village are now up in appears that the two young men have been given a council flat here, even though they mostly live in Falmouth.  They are part of a social housing scheme which finds homes for people outside their normal environment .
Naturally this scheme is now blamed for bringing hooligans to the area.
It is very sad indeed....the scheme brings all the Christian virtues to everyday living. I am sure it does a great deal more good than bad...but the people here are now calling on the local council to get rid of it..a reaction fully understandable but the gaps between the affluent and the poor  are never going to close if some people don't understand the normal rules of society and learn to live by them.
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