Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dog and God.

Talking to someone earlier I asked if he'd got a dog. You need one then I told him when he said no.
That took my thoughts down a route I hadn't travelled for some time.
When my first husband died very suddenly in my arms my golden retriever Major was my constant companion in the years of mourning.
I grieved not only for the loss of my bloke  but also for the loss of all our plans. Everything we'd ever planned died with him. After the funeral I was in real danger of retreating from life altogether  but having Major there meant that I had to get up in the morning. He had two walks a day, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. I forced myself out with him and always met people I knew.
My three girl friends with their dogs came out with me every day. They were wonderful. They fed me when it became obvious that I wasn't cooking.
Major would sit with his head on my knee and sigh, deep heart felt sighs to show that he knew..and he also was bereaved.
Having a dog gives you so much and not just unconditional love, they make you stick to a routine, they meet their friends on walks which makes you  talk to people  you wouldn't otherwise know.
Crispin joined this family of the dog walkers when Major was already an old dog.
He is now the sole survivor...all the other dogs have died and not been replaced. Crispin will be 14 next month.
He will not be replaced either but then I shall become a dog auntie. I shall look after all the other dogs when needed....I've thought it all through. Life without a dog would be like good food without salt.....just not the same at all
Two things were my salvation in my period of despair. A dog and God.  Funny how those two words are so similar.
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