Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Gold for the pastor!

A discussion on Twitter this morning reminded me of one of my weirder experiences. David and I were traveling. It was the first of our longish cruises and we were on a Cunard boat which only had one Roman Catholic priest on board. He was lovely but he couldn't give Anglicans the wafer so he suggested that two of us held our own mass which we duly did. The other priest was an Episcopal lady from Buffalo and we agreed that for those staying on the boat for three months it would be a Christian act to hold a service once a week. I was only there for half the trip but she was doing the whole thing.
Our services went well and I got used to people saying "Good morning pastor." It was a novelty especially when I was just about to dive into the pool!
At our stay in Dubai a visit to the gold suk seemed like a good idea. It was teaming with people and had a lot of very bright yellow gold.
Seeing something I liked in white gold David and I went into the shop to look and came out without buying anything.
At the door we met a man who said in a loud voice,
"Well she can't afford to buy anything in there. That's our pastor! "
It was a bit of a shock at the time but it's given us a good laugh since with the oft quoted remark whenever appropriate.
"Well you can't afford to buy that. You're our pastor!"

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