Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hot bedding? Or just cramped.

On a lighter note.....the three young men who were working on our solar panels yesterday had arrived the day before and were looking for somewhere to stay the night. We sent them down to the village with some misgiving. It is August!  Needless to say they were unsuccessful.
One of them had a mobile phone and asked his wife to ring round all the places with this postcode, which was very enterprising. They finally found somewhere 10 miles away that could take them.
I could have offered them our barn but its rough and ready with no facilities to say the least  but in the event it was better than where they ended up. They had been charged a great deal of money for a bunk bed and one single giving no space for standing apart from one at a time.
I will not repeat what they said about breakfast but they were very scathing!
I've now heard from someone else staying  the weekend with 5 friends who are in a room containing three bunk beds in a small  bedroom. There is virtually no standing room at all and the tiny bathroom is so small that if they drop something there's no way they can bend down to pick it up!
I once stayed close by  in a guest house( I use the term loosely ) where there was one bed and a strip of carpet next to it. My golden retriever of hallowed memory had to back out of the door in order to turn round.
It was a very hot night , the windows would not open and half way through the night we got up for a walk down  the lugger to cool down.
Why do people do this? I am sure there must be a European law somewhere to ban it!
Hot bedding is bad enough but letting out rooms at vast profit has got to be bad for trade.
I know that its a very short season and people have got to make their money fast but some decency is clearly called for.

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