Saturday, 27 August 2011

I will grant you three wishes.

Tomorrow, breaking with tradition I am preaching on words of the collect rather than the readings . When I read it, it chimed with me and said what I want to say in very concise writing....put together before Twitter made us write everything in 140 characters!
"That they may obtain their petitions make them to ask such things as shall please you Lord." 
Wonderful!   So I've included two stories about granting three wishes....the silly one about the man who squandered his wishes when the large sausage attached itself to his wife's nose and the one about the man who asked for immortality and was turned into a fish!
Ive also asked them to be careful what they wish for. witness what happened to working harder than at any other time of my life but staying very happy with it.
I am not sure that preaching about a collect is all right but no doubt someone will tell me if it isn't.
Praying should I think always be for the needs of those unable or unwilling to pray.
I never ask to prolong life, only ever that the best possible outcome should be achieved...
Taking great care with our intercessions should be taken as read but not always!
So I end with a prayer from the Ionian community.
Lord Jesus, Teacher
This is what you want us to learn
Not the worlds wisdom but Gods
And so we pray
Awaken us to our need of you in our lives
And you will give us your life

Move us with sorrow for the sorrow of the world
And you will make us strong through our tears.
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