Friday, 19 August 2011

Moving house.

With so many young clergy moving from one part of the country to another I have been thinking today about all my various moves. There have been a lot. I seem to have been born with a moving gene. The last one from Essex to Cornwall was going to be the last one. Till I got married again. I've moved twice since then.
All moves are traumatic, especially with young people involved. Changing schools is a nightmare for some. And that includes teachers.
One of my worst moves was from one part of a northern town to another so we were able to keep our phone number. Half way through we got a phone call from our solicitor.
"Don't move...they haven't completed!"
Too late, the wardrobe was half way up the stairs. I will not repeat what the removal men said.
The move from North to South took three days eventually. On the first day the van got lost. Snow storms halted traffic in North Wales. Mental note not to move again in February.
The move to Cornwall was interesting. The hand break on the Discovery gave up. I could only park on the flat!
The move from one side of St Mawes to the other was prolonged . They closed the road the week before. Only small vans could get up the tiny lanes and three of them ran as shuttles over three days when it poured down and blew gales. We had to keep rescuing removal men getting lost on cliff sides. Both houses were perched high.
We are never going to move again and I hope fate has not been tempted by that statement.
My good wishes and prayers go with all those moving house this month. I hope you are not too much in need of them.

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  1. We've lived in the same house for 23 years. Love it. But moving is on the cards in the next two years, to be closer to our Parish in Canterbury (over 50 miles at the moment).

    After 23 moves in 22 years army service, I had welcomed the stability, so, the thought of moving is a bit daunting, but, we are determined to do so. It means leaving the grand children, and children, but it's not that far, and they are now of an age, where a bit of independent travel will do them good.