Saturday, 13 August 2011


When I was a much younger woman than I am now I had a boyfriend in the police. It didn't last long but it was good whilst it lasted even though he changed the way I view the police completely in a short space of time.
He was a Freemason because that is or was then the way to get on in the force.
He was a racist ...his opinions on my black friends made me very angry indeed and it's no wonder we did not see each other for long.
All his friends in the force were also racist and I drew the conclusion back then that it was endemic in the force and would take a complete upheaval to eradicate.
He also showed me how evidence could be falsified.
I was learning to drive at the time and he gave me lots of info about how not to get caught if I'd been drinking.
It was what he showed me about finger prints that really shocked.
"Never accept either a glass or a cup if you get pulled at any time" he said.
When I questioned this he showed me how with the help of some Sellotape he could transfer prints from one surface to another..
This at the time shocked me totally though I seem to have read somewhere since that other factors are involved in finger print evidence.
I am blogging all this of course because of the articles written this week concerned with the role of the police during the rioting.
They are brave men I am certain who have a difficult job to do during civil unrest.
I am completely behind the police but I think there are pockets, many less than there were where dodgy practices still happen. They need our support certainly at the local level. As individuals all those I meet are decent chaps. It's not the policemen and women who are the problem. It's the institution itself which sometimes gives concern.

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