Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Saving the planet.

We got a phone call last week asking us about solar panels...they said we already had some. We didn't . We have moved from the house that did and we are now living In an old farmhouse.
We have a lot of wind here so we have made enquiries several times about windmills because everywhere we go in the world windmills are becoming part of the rural scene and seem to work well.
Under no circumstances whatsoever would the parish council agree. Despite the fact that many farmhouses were driven by windmills in the past and they don't have to be ugly!

A man asked if he could come to see us to discuss solar power, we said yes and he duly arrived. Before he'd even laid out his case my husband had said yes.
After the man had gone after having got what he'd come for with barely any effort at all I tackled my better half.
"As we go halves in all household expenses may be you should should have at least consulted me!"
His reply startled me
"If you go banging on about good stewardship and renewable energy in all your sermons the least you can do is go green when it's offered."

The first thing that crossed my mind was that he had actually been listening. And the next thing was that he was right.
Our beautiful planet, so beset with earthquakes, tempests and floods needs to be loved back into a quieter, period of growth....I think we have plundered and abused it for too long and of course it is time to go green. This is proving difficult in an area of outstanding natural beauty.....they want nothing to look in any way artificial!
This morning I've been to the bank and reorganized my finances to pay for my half of the new tiles on the husband is quite right. It's time to put up or shut up!
But I'm not yet ready to tell him that I might even vote green next time!

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