Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Where's this wifi cloud?

There are days when I want to fling all the IT stuff out of the window. This is one of those days. It happens every August when the holiday makers are here in great numbers because there seems to be not enough broadband to go round!
The only thing I can use that's consistent is my iPhone when it's using 3G. For the rest it's a hit and miss problem and there's no apparent sense in it.
I try to reason it out like this...on wet days when you can't take the kids on a beach then they are more likely to be playing computer games!
It would help if I knew which one of my several machines was going to have a nervous breakdown but unfortunately it changes every day.
Today for instance the Mac book pro is not playing at all. I've reset it several times with no success at all. The fan symbol goes black, the computer tells me it's all working fine and then swoosh. Off it goes again.
It's no wonder that we make these machines more human by calling them he or she or giving them pet names to hurl at them when they are playing up because somehow although I know that it's not actually their fault at all I still give words of encouragement like
"Come on now...I know you can do it..."
Or in times of real stress.
" Bloody hell , don't you let me down again! "
And that's the expurgated version.
We take our new toys for granted I know. But when the summer visitors are here why should they have all our wifi? Where's this cloud then?
Will the sun come out and get them all back on the beaches or am I doomed to be only able to use the net in the middle of the night.
Rant over. We are very close to the wireless mast which here is on the top of the water tower.
Thank goodness for 3G!

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