Thursday, 29 September 2011

How government works!

After a funeral this morning the sun finally came out and we went to eat outside at the local pub. The garden looks out to sea and we had a lovely meal more Mediterranean than seemed likely because people joined us at the table and we all talked. The wine was good and the food too and we covered a lot of ground...One of the people was a media wheeler and dealer and the other a government minister, a  low ranking one but nevertheless in office! ...They both had their blackberries on the table and whilst one was trying to google  the name of a pub several miles away the other was receiving both emails and text messages.
She carefully replied to each one of them until I asked her  what was so important that it interfered with her lunch!
"I'm duty minister" she said..."And I am answering questions now because  the press won't wait. "
As a glimpse  into the workings of government it was fascinating....and very funny when the media  bod told her friend that she had now given me enough material  for several blogs..........
Now would I?
It appears that being duty minister happens every five weeks or so and that even very junior ones had to find quick answers for the press when pushed....and they are pushed quite hard and frequently!
My friend is an unelected junior minister....thoroughly enjoying herself at the moment. I do hope it continues for her!
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