Sunday, 4 September 2011

Allergic reactions.

I was sitting chatting to my children this afternoon and as I talked I realized I was scratching away at one leg. I apologized with the words...
"Its OK I am not lousy, it's just my eczema."
I then started sneezing..And before they went I did a convincing demonstration of someone on the verge about to choke.
It's the dammed allergy season again! For years I persuaded myself that my small patches of irritated skin were ring worm and therefor curable..but in my heart I knew I had got the same as all the rest of my family....I was allergic to everything .
My grandmother used to sit up in bed with her asthma spray wheezing away. My father used to sit quietly scratching his legs much as I do now. My daughter had her first asthma attack at 18 months old when I'd taken them into the country for the day.
So it obviously runs in families...
It was not good news for my son though to hear his mother bewailing her fate as he had also started scratching.
I am not complaining about this having this problem. When I think of some others people's ailments , a bit of itchy skin seems a very small price to pay for otherwise vigorous health..but I do wish I knew what caused it. And why it seems more prevalent today than it used to. Are we really wrecking our environment to the point of poisoning it ?
We are of this world us allergy sufferers. So why are some parts of it poisonous to us?
OK. I know it could be much's just very irritating in more ways than one!

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