Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bats in our attic

We live in an old farmhouse which is compatible with us because we are old too! About a month ago we were visited by someone bearing gifts. Because we were old we qualified for free insulation in our attic. We already had it. The self styled inspector was overbearing and insisted on going up to look. He made it sound like a government requirement.
My dear husband escorted him up and when they came down it was to tell me that we had bats. Well of course we had...lovely little things. I told him it was against the law to disturb them.
He replied that it was not yet the breeding season so we should be ok.
He put us down for free insulation. The whole space would have to be cleared he told us and left.
Since then my husband has been moving small tables, suitcases past their best, books, debris etc until today the young men arrived with the wadding.
After ten minutes they were down.
"you've got bats! " they told us. We knew and so did the man who had recommended us.
We have no wish to disturb the baby long eared bats just visible in the roof..why would we? They've been here longer than we have.
But the first man had ridden rough shod over my protestations and has caused my husband a lot of extra work.
It was not the fault of the young men with the wadding. They told us that the first man had done it before because he got paid for everyone he recommended!
This is not just a waste of our time but it is also a complete waste of tax payers money. It was a service we neither needed or wanted and just one man got something out of it. I'd dearly like to know how much he was paid!

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  1. I hope you still have your bats Jean, if not, you could report your officious 'gift-bearer' and perhaps the cost of re-homing the displaced babies could be charged to him.

  2. What a good idea! I think they quit the attic before any harm was done! I am not going up to look!