Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blackberry picking

I have had a morning of trying to arrange a funeral,  yes another one! I am not even sure if the dead woman  can go in our grave yard  or if there is an existing grave to pop her into...No one seems to be in at the moment!   In each parish people have their own responsibilities and knowing  who  are the ones to approach is the main problem, even if I find them in!
So I have given up for the moment and am devoutly hoping that one of my phone calls  bears fruit!  Speaking of which, this afternoon  I strolled, along the lane near here  minus my dog. As I strolled I ate some blackberries which are very good and very sweet after some sun and rain. I met several other people with their dogs all enjoying the blackberry season.
Here is the seasonal tip of the day.   Never eat blackberries under the height of a dog!  Washed by rain is one thing but you really don't need it washed by dog pee.
All the best and  glossiest blackberries are of course at just the wrong height!
Took my mind off funerals though!
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