Friday, 2 September 2011

Builders perks

I try really hard not to be cynical but sometimes it's hard. Our builders who have done an extremely good job all week, putting slates on roofs, painting the chimney stacks as well as the walls and generally making the house gleam in the sunshine, have just appeared to tell me that they can't after all finish today as they have a sudden emergency with an old lady. What they have forgotten is that they also had an emergency on Friday afternoon last time they were here. My husband an ex builder laughed first. They always find an excuse he told me for disappearing to the pub for the rest of the day.
It's not that we mind at all. They are tidying up as I type. We shall be able to function over the weekend surrounded by scaffolding. I just wonder why they have to find an excuse.
That I am a soft touch is not in doubt. After telling me about the old lady who needed to be rescued they took me to look at my cross, a wooden one made for me by a friend which sits on the front gate.
They have taken it down, removed the lichen and revarnished it. It now gleams as brightly as the house!
I hope they enjoy their afternoon at the pub... I know that most of the other builders in the village will gather there too. Now many holiday makers have gone the landlady will be glad of their custom.
It's like all villages over the country...and I would never dissolve the good will by criticizing them. You never know I might even buy them a pint!

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