Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Garlic and snails. Yum!

We have made our first shore excursion. David knew a remarkable amount about the Mulberry harbor project. The firm he worked for as a boy had designed and made them. He also knew Cherbourg. It was a harbor he used to moor his boat in so he knew the cafes around the harbor.
We had no intention of eating! Our problem here is, there is always far more than we can eat!
After a couple of glasses of fairly rough red wine we succumbed.
The man on the next table was tucking into a plate of sea food. We ordered what he'd got!
Before the food itself arrived a remarkable array of tools were lined up. Pickers, pokers, needles, pliers. And then the plate of food... Wonderful. Lobster, oysters, snails, langoustine , crab, an amazing array of sea food arrived with large dishes to take away the debris.
I did manage the garlic snails..it became a challenge!
Wonderful start to the holiday!

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