Sunday, 18 September 2011

The last stop.

It's hard to imagine that today is Sunday. You lose all sense of normal time on a cruise. I did not go to church this morning because we had arrived in Queensferry.
I had never been to Edinburg and David had but was always working so it was an opportunity not to miss.
We were taken off this huge liner in very small tenders. They felt small anyway.
The last time we did it was in Tailand in extreme heat. This
morning was damp.
We did enjoy it. It's clearly a city that needs at least two weeks. And we had a few hours. But it gave us a taste. The shops opened at 11am so the roads were quiet until then.
I'd forgotten about the textile industry here until every other shop advertised Scottish cashmere. Apparently the wool is taken from goats!
I did not succumb but I did buy some truly beautiful Christmas decorations for the tree. Well it is the middle of September.
We are now at the bit of the cruise when you have to dash around buying presents for people at home. In other words it's nearly over. Tonight we set sail and tomorrow will travel right down the east coast until we get back to Southampton on Tuesday.
There are no more stops. Tomorrow is a day at sea which is always lovely with lots to look at en route. It gives you a rest before packing and getting home.
This is just as well. A dear lady died whilst we were away and I have arranged most of the funeral by email but the relatives will be on my doorstep early Wednesday morning.
Back to work with the help of God.

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