Friday, 9 September 2011

Moisturise your hair?

I really must read the blurbs  on packages more carefully!  I sent in the usual order to Boots last week knowing that I would need some night cream before I went away....The label said "Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm." On my list it went. Last night I used it for the first time, only to discover this morning that it wasn't for was for hair!
Hair? Who on earth uses overnight cream on their hair?
I am very lucky....Apart from six months as a blonde when young I have had mousey hair which now has got some greyish bits .
I had great fun as a teacher,  one week when I started off the week blonde, had it changed back to mouse by Wednesday  and greyed it up for a part as an old woman in "Spring and Port wine" in the local theatre on Friday. The children in school were thoroughly bewildered!
 I have never subjected either my hair or my skin to savage chemicals...and the list of chemicals included in this hair stuff is remarkable.
I had many actors as friends at one stage of my life and saw the havoc that heavy greasepaint did to their skins. Most of them went without anything on their faces all day before greasing up again at night.
Because of this I now no  longer use make up at all....but I do use moisturerisers most days. And most nights...
If any of you know anyone who would like some hair moisturising gel please refer them to me!  But it will come with no recommendations !
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