Monday, 26 September 2011

New printer from God?

Yesterday was a service of the word.....the only one of the month so I try not to overburden them with too many canticles and only one psalm. Instead I prepare poems and readings which I know they will enjoy and I call my sermon a talk and keep it brief. Ish.
We had a lot of visitors yesterday so there were more in church than I was expecting so before I started to talk I apologized for the lack of service sheets by blaming the printer!
Now it was true that my printer was behaving badly! It kept grinding to a halt and refused to print my sermon until I'd emailed it to myself!
This had the desired effect of making them laugh! Especially the bit about the daft cat walloping the printer! Which can be found on You tube. I am not good at putting in links!
The result of this is that this morning a man of the congregation arrived on my doorstep with a brand new printer...he said he had printed just 24 sheets and never used it again.
Overwhelmed I told him that the problem with the old printer was almost certainly my fault and could he not use the new one himself?
No he was adamant...they were moving house and the printer was not going with them!
He did not have the start up disc but within half an hour of him leaving I have printed off rotas from both my Mac books!
Thank you God. Thank you man. But I will be much more careful in future about how I make the congregation laugh!

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UKViewer said...

Laughing in the face of Providence. Which is God's gift. Love it.

Ray Barnes said...

Well. they do say be careful what you wish for.
It seems to have worked in your favour this time.