Tuesday, 20 September 2011

QM2 on speed.

We travelled back home from a lightening tour of the British Isles this morning. The trip round the outer Hebrides was magnificent and we had a wonderful time. It was not restful though and we both dozed a bit on the way home.
It was pouring down here as we approached the house.
"Have you got your keys?" my husband beamed at me as the car stopped outside.
No I hadn't. We had left the house in the safe hands of our cleaner and had had no thought for our return.
Getting into the house with damp luggage sitting waiting was eventually accomplished and we were glad to be back.
The house was gleaming, our plants looked good as well as alive and the display on the phone showed multiple messages.
They were almost all about funerals and things I'd dealt with by email whilst I was away but some were not.
One person told us that she had rung every day and had not once received an answer. Clearly the explanation had never occurred to her.
The funeral directors were better...just. One had double booked me whilst another, realizing I was away had gone ahead with the arrangements anyway!
I will sort all this out tomorrow. This afternoon we slept!
It can't be jet lag. But the Queen Mary was on speed! Good evening all!

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