Saturday, 10 September 2011

Should vicars blog?

Why blog?   A question asked  more than once and for me its easy...I blog because I have to. The habit of keeping a diary started early...Notebooks of all kinds got filled up fairly rapidly at busy times of my life.  Some things need to be talked about, others written down .
My early blogs have all I think been consigned to the dustbin of life.  One that recorded an abusive relationship I burned quite recently, not wanting anyone to read it and weep after my death.
Writing is worst moments have all been written down but seldom revisited..
Blogging now in the age of easy access to communication is of course not like keeping a secret diary which no one is going to read....but sometimes you forget that...sometimes the heat of the moment takes over. And when someone mentions a dubious passage I often say..."Did I write that?"
 Once I've blogged it's over, forgotten,  which is part of the reason for doing it.
I try to avoid blogging after a drink or two or after a row or after a moment of screaming at the news on the TV.
I explained to someone recently that the clergy seem to blog far more than most but maybe thats just the ones I read...
Some people think it inappropriate for anyone in the church to blog about anything but I think its a very good thing and lots of my congregation do see my blog some of the time.
If a person who wears a dog collar can't share the moments in their life of joy, of anger and of grief then you have to ask why not? We are human beings.  we share the human condition...we lose people we love, we battle with health problems, we grow old and crabby...but above all we share with everyone else our moments with God.
 The times in our life when God breaks through the clouds of dross and hypocrisy are precious to us and if we can share those moments with others then it can only be a good thing.
I am not sure I could describe myself as a Christian blogger....God does not always have a speaking part in what I write, but he is always there to some degree, the stage manager, unseen by most but essential to the daily ordering of our lives.
Those people who are amazed by my being a priest clearly never knew me as well as they thought they did.
God has always been present in my life, through the dreadful bits and through the hysterically funny bits and through the moments of sheer glory!  Alleluia!
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