Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Social net working?

I have several social net working sites, some barely used. I use Facebook mostly with local friends , people I know and see from time to time. As I play Facebook scrabble I have a few friends I've met through playing with them on a regular basis. One or two of them read this blog which is amazing!
Twitter is different. Apart from a handful of people I've never met anyone from Twitter and yet there are people there I count as friends.
I can understand making friends whilst playing games with them but most of the people  on Twitter do not fall into that category...I see their tweets, they see mine and after after a few exchanges we talk regularly.
Its fascinating to think that over the world wide web  we can recognise kindred spirits or of course the opposite....those we treat with careful courtesy because we know we don't share similar beliefs.
The rows are different though.
People who really care about religion , sport, politics tend to fight on line for what they believe ...and some fights are ferocious.
I recently watched two men, a Christian and an Atheist  battle out their positions over a three day argument which at times got very nasty.  I chucked in a couple of supporting lines but felt disinclined to get really involved, it would have taken up too much time.
I've had several battles of my own,  the worst being one ages ago now where the religious right wing from the Bible belt in Texas were screaming for my blood because I  knew and liked quite a few Muslims.
The idea of an all inclusive God has no place in that sort of Christianity it seems.
If its a mystery how we make friends its an even greater mystery how we make enemies. And yet there are quite a few out there and occasionally a spat occurs.
I always fight my corner if pushed but I have found lately that its possible to make friends with the people I've fallen out with in the past.
There is always some point of agreement, its just a question of finding it...or as Jesus put it..I do try to turn the other cheek. Having a sense of humour is the important ingredient in this endeavour. If you can make people laugh, even those who really despise you,  then sometimes bridges can be built.
If the dislike gives way to a tolerant cordiality then something has been achieved. But its not as stimulating!
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