Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sweet September.

The sun is shining and its warm outside. Ive been to both churches this morning and there has been a sudden dramatic drop of visitors...which can only mean one thing......the Exodus has started.
When I was part of the group who returned home for the start of the new school year I would have been amazed or even shocked to discover that the locals rejoiced at my departing...
I sternly set my face against feeling pleased when I first came to live here...but I'm afraid the local prevailing view has taken me over!
We can now drive our cars without hitting all the people who stand around in the road chatting. I could actually find a parking place at St Just! Its quieter all round and its no wonder that the locals say September is the best month!
I should feel bad about this way of thinking but oddly I don't.
The camp sites are still open till October and now is the time when the golden oldies arrive in droves...all the people who have retired and have no children in school who have also realised that its the best time to come...and they are just delightful, they don't walk the streets singing at gone midnight, they  have better manners  and they  tend to appreciate  that people not only live here but work here too....the health visitors and care assistants often find it very hard to arrive anywhere on time during the month that is now past for another year!
The birds are starting to flock but the swifts who nest in the church porch have started another family...lets hope their timing isn't too far out!
The blackberries are fat,  black  and juicy.
The sea is warm... well warmer than it might be!
The summer flowers have matured into great masses of colour.
The conkers are hanging off the trees.
The roads are quiet .      Alleluia!    Now is an excellent time to arrive!
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