Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Visiting saints.

I asked David if he'd ever been to Ireland before. Oh yes he said. I came for lunch once.
That was just about normal for my jet setting husband. He would take off for foreign parts on very short notice and stay just long enough to see whether a new hotel or hospital was viable. It didn't leave much time for sight seeing. Which means that now he is just interested as I am to see all the different places we visit because now there is time to look around.
We are arriving late in Cobh after some rough passages last night.
Cobh is a Celtic name for Cove I think. It's wonderful to think that the Cornish saints started here or Brittany and crossed the seas in coracles.
How those tiny boats ever made it safely is amazing. Last night this huge ship was being tossed around. A coracle wouldn't have stood a chance. Except of course if you had God on your side.
In the church at St Mawes there are stained glass windows showing the coracles arriving complete with their Saints. Now returning to where they all set off from. Saying a prayer for those who brought Christianity to our heathen shores.
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